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Introducing our Garden Blend Go Together Pack, a delightful combination of yarn colors inspired by the beauty of a garden. This pack includes four coordinating colors: Gardenia, Cream, Honey Mustard Yellow, and Lemon Drop Yellow.


Whether you're creating floral designs or bright, sunny accents, these colors work harmoniously together to bring your yarn projects to life.


Made from high-quality, soft, and durable materials, this pack is perfect for knitting or crocheting a wide range of spring and summer-themed items. Elevate your crafting game with our Garden Blend Go Together Pack and let your creativity bloom.


100% acrylic yarn. Premium quality. #4 wt. 4 ply, split resistant, and snag free.


Each skein is 57g or 120yds, & weighs 2oz. individually.

Best used with an H hook (5mm) or 5mm knitting needles.




Garden Blend Go Together Pack

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