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Introducing the Huckleberry Pie Go Together Pack - a delightful assortment of yarn shades that perfectly complement each other. This pack includes Plum Wine, a deep and rich shade of purple, Purple Passion, a vibrant and bold hue, Violet, a lovely and serene shade, and Cherry Blossom Pink, a delicate and feminine color.


Each skein in this pack is made from high-quality, soft yarn that is perfect for knitting or crocheting. Whether you're creating a stunning blanket, a cozy sweater, or a beautiful shawl, these shades will work together harmoniously to bring your project to life.


Add the Huckleberry Pie Go Together Pack to your yarn collection today and watch your creative possibilities unfold!


100% acrylic yarn.  Premium quality.  #4 wt. 4 ply, split resistant, and snag free.

Each skein is 57g or 120yds, & weighs 2oz. individually.

Best used with an H hook (5mm) or 5mm knitting needles.




Huckleberry Pie Go Together Pack

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