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Introducing the Ocean 4 Go Together Pack, perfect for all your knitting and crocheting needs. This pack includes four beautiful shades: Caribbean Blue, Topaz, Ocean, and Turquoise. These colors are inspired by the shimmering depths of the ocean, and are sure to add a touch of coastal charm to your projects.


The stunning shades in this pack perfectly capture the beauty of the sea, making it ideal for creating beach-themed accessories, summer garments, or coastal home decor.


Whether you're making a cozy beach blanket or a stylish mermaid tail shawl, the Ocean 4 Go Together Pack is sure to inspire your next crafting adventure.


100% acrylic yarn. Premium quality. #4 wt. 4 ply, split resistant, and snag free.


Each skein is 57g or 120yds, & weighs 2oz. individually.

Best used with an H hook (5mm) or 5mm knitting needles.




Ocean 4 Go Together Pack

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