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Sweater weather has officially arrived and it's time to get the chunky crochet wardrobe out. The Olivia Hooded Cardi should be officially at the top of your "to make" list. Comfy, chunky, and cozy crochet that will have you feeling as if you're wearing a blanket.


The cardi is made up of simple and easy crochet stitches. This is an easily customizable piece to suit your body size. The sleeves are made

to be baggy, dramatic, & oversized. The cardi is 20in length, but can be shortened or lengthened depending on your personal preference.


Pair it with slacks, jeans, or boots and be the center of attention. However or wherever you wear it, will definitely make it the OOTD!


$9.25 USD

The Olivia Hooded Cardi Pattern

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